Poetry by Charles Joseph

Look What You’ve Done

you were given a body
but Look What You’ve Done

Hurt it
Neglect it
Sell it
Sacrifice it
Hate it to the point of
Healing it
Accepting it
Nourishing it
Loving it

become something the audience will
Envy and Study—Gasps and Praises

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13 responses to “Look What You’ve Done”

  1. The scars in one’s mind?

    1. you can heal those too!

      1. Yes, but not always completely.. They leak and ooze still sometimes.. Mostly in the most unexpectedly.

        1. You’re right, you’re right. I guess it’s a lifelong battle and journey, huh? :/

          1. It’s not always miserable, just today. The last few days, something like that. You give yourself permission to delve into the misery a little… As long as you remember you can ask for help, and that’s okay. Professional or otherwise. In ?””FD][rb””””gggggggggggggggg th-p000000000000000000000005-mn=gha… ahumn, that was my daughter’s kitten, he apparently wants to talk to you as well .. 🙂

            1. Yeah, you’re right. Give yourself permission to delve in the bad bad bad but know your limits so that you can pull your head out of water and ask for help. It’s a balance. What has been going on with you over the last few days, friend? If you don’t mind sharing, of course.

              Hahahahah tell the kitty i say, “HEY THERE KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY PSST PSST PSST PSST PSST PSSTTTTTTT!!!” He’ll understand 😁👍🏾

              1. People die kid, I just don’t want them to die.. Now I totally understand Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein..

                1. Tell me more about Mary Shelley’s thing

                    1. Fine I’ll research it myself 🙄

                    2. Ooohhh it’s a movie! I’ll watch it 🙂

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