Divine Drug 🏂

white is the drug that is smooth to the soul
reckless to the heart.
on the bus, mouths talk
while minds think of the start

anticipation clenches
it shakes, but atop the mountain
souls are ready to fall; heaven is on the way down
divinity is the excitement bursting into crystals in the air

a blow of snow powder transfigures all strife
the big S bringing a rhythm that calms.
What a new high bursting and pumping
through my veins, baffling me

no one knows who is who because
we’re now robots protecting something within
our swears are accompanied by giggles
this is worth it, riding down—straight out of hell

I just passed this winter season working at a ski resort. My snowsport of choice is snowboarding. That picture may look phenomenal but that view of See Forever at Telluride Ski Resort was breathtaking!! It really did seem like you were seeing into forever.

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