Poetry by Charles Joseph

Inside My Mind

the only person who sees what’s going on is me
outside of my body
watching me walk this world alone; unattended to
why can no one else see?

i deserve my imprisonment in the internal darkness
all the sorrow no one cares to see
why don’t they notice me? Isn’t it obvious?
i hate this feeling

i’m alone. So maybe if i got rid of me
i’ll no longer be a problem.
it’ll surely not be their problem
they’ll never notice my absence

all this, family and friend could never comprehend.

but you 
remove the “I…I..” from the conversations in your mind
there’s light in the day[they] to rid the internal darkness
focus on it to see that you are not alone.

what if you spoke of it more
what if the people around know but they just don’t know
what it is you want them to understand.
your course is not as lonely as it threatens to feel

what if we all had a unique language for our world?
the dialect of yours can only be taught by you
we can understand, we want to 
but you must to teach the introductory lesson

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2 responses to “Inside My Mind”

  1. What if I spoke up? What if? Amazing!

    1. These are very important things that ring in my mind. Thank you immensely friend!!!

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