Poetry by Charles Joseph

Becoming More Human

Mystique is a character from the X-Men
but this poem is not about her.
‘though her power is a characteristic we find
in each other.

i think Mystique is the most Human
a human could be
we are extended parts of each individual
you’re the part of me that teaches me
how to be

how does a snake know of flying?
how does an eagle know of crawling?
they’ve spent their entire life among companions
discussing philosophy, novelty with like-minded individuals.
How do we use our minds to improve society
if these same minds have dragged society to the rubbles it lies in?

But these questions are for a different poem

I’m sure you can relate
because a piece of me is already in you.
We only needed to meet
for my power to initiate the transformation

so we need each other
in order to become more complete.
More whole. More Human.

Mystique is the most Human a Human could be.
We are so lost as a society
because we have yet to realize
each of the pieces we’re looking for
are in each person we meet.

What are you searching for?

When will you see?
you morph so well when someone is near
you change. Your skales start to move
you become something more.

I’ve been noticing some shifting, evolution
in my skales, too
the more that I navigate this world

the more time I spend next to someone
the more my skin rises.
my skales change, flip, blend and glow
welcoming a new, buried, part of me

something like Mystique

I think Mystique was the first full Human.
Before the gods grew scared and uneasy
of Her power. Her completion

so they took each part, scattered them across the globe
assure us of our life goals and fulfillment
without once telling us it’s in each other.
Highlight the purpose behind Independence
blind us to the loneliness that comes with it.
How severe hardship is when you’re stranded
with your pride. and lack of sight.

So, I think we need each other.

That’s the message my skin declares
when it rises when near a Stranger
I haven’t met in this lifetime, or another

this poem is not about Mystique.
It’s a reminder:
no such thing as a stranger

I have something You need
You have something I’ve been seeking
so let’s gather our pieces,
get together to become Whole.

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  1. I haven’t read anything this good in so long I’m going to have to repost omg

    1. Wow, this is the pinnacle of compliments right there! Thank you so much. Don’t forget to tag me when you repost it so that I can feel proud of myself hehe.

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