Poetry by Charles Joseph

A Cry with No Home

most nights the corner’s the same
the smell is the poignant reason
why they walk fast with that face
why i’m a parasite in their path.

success is when preparation meets opportunity
or when luck shines upon the harvest
or when you know who’s in power
so you didn’t have to pass the test…
but i don’t know.
there just hasn’t been much here lately.

you get me.
stationed in your near-by corner
inching towards warmth like moths
until they give their soul to the fire
until they become a story to tell

you get me.
perched on the mouth of a train station
dozing my life away near the grocery store
where a smell of your lunch is what i’ll have
where a smell of your coffee is the motivation

you get me.
all these things i know, i keep repeating to myself
a comedy for the children
as i hold out a hand, sometimes all i have
pleading for your unwanted charity
sometimes an angel sees pity
sometimes an angel avoids eye-contact
most times, an angel reminds me “it’s your fault”

you get me.
on a sea of outcomes that come out of my control
my body is the pile of trash i’ve been floating on
i’ve been waiting…to finally disintegrate into soil
but this power within me is still seeing me through
as i’m littered, disregarded, shamed, and oppressed
do you get me?

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12 responses to “A Cry with No Home”

  1. Very good :). There’s some delicious wordplay in here. I like this very much. 🙂

    1. This is so gut-wrenching. It deserves a billion shares :'(

      1. Thank you for commenting and point that out, Nazia 💕

        you know, I wouldn’t be mad if you had shared it with a billion people 🙃

    2. There are. I hope these wordplays can help to change how people think about homelessness

      Btw I miss you, my special someone 😉

  2. Your writing is so beautiful, and the depth!!

    1. Thank you!! 🙏🏾💕

  3. Really enjoyed this. Very well done. I was homeless for a while decades ago now but… I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s a hard life.

    1. Thank you for opening up to me about your experience, Tara. I’m very happy that you’re in a better place now. I believe that no one should be homeless and living in the streets. It’s unbelievable that we’ve built a society that makes this a normal thing.

  4. […] This one is also easy to understand. You cannot put yourself out there as a creative writer if you are not. Here is an example of a creative writer, Charles the Poet. […]

  5. Very sad, and beautifully written.

    1. Many thanks 🙏🏾

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