Poetry by Charles Joseph

A Daring Sun

each night, I wonder if the Sun’s already forgotten
this Morning
I beat it to the starting line in its own game

I’ve been around the world a few times
so I know the Light catching up to me
has already completed its pilgrimage

through deserts, rainforests
cities so foreign, I am convinced
they only exist in the imagination

of those who dare–far more glorious
than what my, mine, mind could articulate

I wish there was a reason
for drawing inspiration
from this Darkness outside my window
that I try to write Morning Light into.

each successful Morning is followed
by an imbalance of the rhythm
of time, tasks, terror, tame, tendency
in each hourly space of the day.

I’ve been around the world so I know
it doesn’t take a Sun to humble you in your endeavors
what if you’d given your life for this passion?
what about those investing more than you can imagine?

3 hours of divine sleep or power naps
can’t be traded for anything
at the gates of death, and life

every Morning, I wait for the Sun to be written
into existence to compete a man with a dream
my shadow runs, a smirk on its face
it looks back, Daring me.

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7 responses to “A Daring Sun”

  1. Beautiful poem, handsome happy face! I love this one!

    1. Wow, Thank you immensely Maryanne! 🙏🏾

  2. The perfect imagery is this poem is just so beautiful and the depth of emotion is powerful.

    1. Hey Jenny,

      Thank you very much for your kind words!! I wrote this poem at 4am one day, before the sun started rising outside my window. Hours like that can awaken some powerful stuff in the artist haha!

      1. I agree. I do my best writing just as the dawn is breaking. There’s something mystical about early morning with the silence and changing hues of the sky, and then the slow awakening of birds and life. Like the beginning of time. . .

        1. That’s the beginning of life 💕

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