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All That You Are

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Describe your life in an alternate universe.
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I just finished watching Spiderman Across The Spider-Verse, so I guess I will give this prompt a try.

I’ve actually thought about this question a lot…as in freakishly a lot, “What are the other me’s doing in their universes? What would I be in another Universe?”

I should go ahead and say that I actually believe in multiple universes, or the “multi-verse” as they’re calling it. I believe there is a version of each person who is on planet Earth that exists in a slightly different way in a parallel universe.

I first started believing that after becoming aware of the multiple things I want to be—all the different things that I could be. In another universe, I actually am a Spider-Man (I probably lost about 82% of readers by saying that). I believe that because in the first dream that I remember ever having, it was me, watching myself, as I climbed upside-down on the side of a building. That’s just a dream but since I was a kid, I’ve just always felt like I could just reach out my hand and…

I think strong urges are something deeper than a passion that you have in relation to something. In this universe, I’m supposed to fight all evil (biggest one being myself), do backflips (by jumping through the hoops and hurdles of capitalism and production culture), and succeed by becoming a full-time writer. I can feel that in every atom in my existence, and every time I write a word I just feel one step closer to having it all. That’s this universe.

When I pick up my guitar, or watch someone do something with a guitar, or just hear a song, I get this incredibly strong urge that I’m supposed to be doing this. I know I’m not going to be the next Carlos Santana, or Wyclef Jean (I also don’t want to be—especially if it gets in the way of my writing), but I can just so easily put myself in his shoes. Maybe that is because in another life I am an epic guitar player who is charting billboards and filling out stadiums and have generations who don’t even know me singing my choruses.

Art is 74% of my blood. The rest of the 26% is whatever scientists say that blood is made out of. So I see a work of art is created digitally and I get upset because I know I’m the one who is supposed to be creating this. I know I create worlds and worlds and worlds with my Apple pen and iPad. Maybe in the world where I’m mainly a digital artist, amongst all things, I can actually draw all the other universes to show you what the other me’s are doing.

In another world, Michael Jackson wouldn’t stand a chance on the dance floor against me. Tony Hawk would still be king but he’d still be sure to pass on some gratitude to me in all his speeches—maybe that’s because I taught him all that he knows. I don’t know. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy are only the opening acts to my comedy shows. But, in this universe, I just don’t have enough time to be writing, and coming up with, and retaining jokes. I need to do this creative writing thing.

There’s a universe where I am a Jesus, walking around and giving wisdom, waiting for my crucifixion. We are so much more than what we are limited to being in this world, in our day to day lives. I know you know it too. You feel it in you—that strong urge to be this and that; knowing that you’re supposed to be doing this with your life. Most of the time, I think it is actually us regretting the fact that we diverged off of the path that we were supposed to walk on in this life due to fear or lack of confidence. In other times, though, I think it’s the vibration from the other versions of us traveling through us and telling us something.

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2 responses to “All That You Are”

  1. I like the way you think. And whose to say what may or may not be possible? It’s all a mystery.

    1. Exactly! It’s all a big mystery!

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