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This Is a Story, but It’s Also a Reality That We’re Not Too Far Away From

I came across this story today on Outlander Magazine, and wow I was hooked! The first thing that seized my attention was the picture. It was…interesting. It looked like something I would see at a museum—a painting that an artist made to communicate their desire to commit suicide, but everyone thought it was a marvelous work of art until it was too late. Now, it is world-renowned as Art History.

After the picture, the first line in the piece made me nod and bring in my eyebrows. Interesting, “I wanted to look good for my appointment at The Body Bank, so I dressed up, as if it would help my chances”. It is poetic but it is also said as if it was normal everyday speech.

So I did what we all do before reading a piece of text, I scrolled to the bottom of the article to see how long it was. But, regardless, I would have read it no matter the length. And I did read it. I read it over again. It is so relatable.

After reading, the unbelievable thing that crossed my mind is that…everything in the article is not actually impossible. There are people living a normal life without some body parts—some missing a liver, others without a limb but still making their way across town. Medical science is only getting better, too. Plus, humans have always adapted as needed to the situations that they are in. Rent is skyrocketing. So many of us (me being one) have flashy expensive college degrees that came with a promise of a pricy job, but we’re still unemployed or just not getting paid enough. Many of us are not in the careers we’ve been chasing and were promised to have after reaching and passing a benchmark. Many of us fully obtained a higher level of education just to be faced with the truth: the promise talked. About at the finish line was all marketing. Banks are giving out loans left and right with minimal qualifications required. The job market is tough.

If you take a step back to look at everything I mentioned in the paragraph above—the reality of life today—would you honestly say that the world talked about in this story, The Body Bank, is unreal?

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