Poetry by Charles Joseph

To Love the Rain

The author at Dry Creek; Denali National Park & Preserve

Her love is like the rain,
so you stay inside looking out
the windows of your memories
you smile

a group of kids in the tropics
they’re dancing in the mist
sandals clap and splash too
run on water

it grumbles in the gray sky
it strikes unexpectedly
electric poles frighten
they buzz.

Two groups of young men wait
upon the rain, they play street foutbòl
shirtless, sweat, rain, and hormones
the ladies spectate

an inconvenience to your fragility
blessings evaporate to the clouds
heat resigns; hardship remains
the world is thirsty

but Her love is like the rain.
A tap on a leaf’s open palm
it nods. The tears wash away
there’s freshness in the air.
Won’t you come out, now?

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6 responses to “To Love the Rain”

  1. Really love this, Charles. The visuals are so clear, a bit nostalgic, and beautiful.

    1. My childhood and nostalgia are two themes that always show themselves in my writings. Thank you so much for reading and noticing that, Kathleen.

  2. His love is like sunshine, you want to bask but not burn,
    His love is like sunrise, so beautiful yet short-lived
    His love…

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