Poetry by Charles Joseph

{DON’T} Pray for Me

The author

don’t ask the Lord to bless
Me; give Me reassurance
on the journeys I must walk.
I don’t need saving.

all these horrors; all these stories
all these sins that I committed
knowing the eyes were watching Me
are a part of the story, too

so don’t bring them to the altar of the lord

don’t ask the Lord to bless Me.
the Good Giving God has already
erected a waterfall inside of Me
so my soul rarely grows thirsty

you see Me, a cloud
floating above my head
expecting thunderstorms
upon each step, but please don’t.

clouds are needed in my sky
when the lightnings strike
these clouds
rain blessings upon my hand

enough to give to a village of orphans

don’t beg the Lord to come rescue Me
from my stormy days; this war
with my soul, with heaven. Earth.

I don’t want the dust to settle.
I want the war, the suspense
that’s where I thrive

Give to others, instead.
Give to those that need.
Give my blessings away

so, please, don’t pray for Me.
but when you feel a need to
just wait on the Lord.

wait to feel the power
and then–only now
Say My Name.

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