Poetry by Charles Joseph


White dog wearing shades with pink and blue frames
Photo by Ilargian Faus – Pexels

I think Jack is a Master.

There is a copious to focus on
a heap of sheep to tend to.

Jack wakes up, every day
trades the this for that,
at times, overseeing those
perhaps, losing touch with these

but, the sun still rises
and so does Jack.

Society is handsomely generous
with the amounts of tasks it asks
to be completed by the setting of the sun.
So, at times, Jack’s sun never sets.

Jack must be brighter than nature
as Jack runs to level out the sky.
Then rush to dance among howling dogs!
While teaching the wind about patience,
community, and embracing your personality,
Jack has not noticed the sky is tilting.
Storm after the river!
Give her space to splash about her emotions
and rocky journey. Additionally, stop by lions
fix their crown, mown their lawn
remind them to not lose the common touch.
But Jack forgot to notice the sky is falling!
Descend into Eden.
Teach Adam and Eve about the gifts of the Earth;
purpose. Open their eyes to enlightenment, wisdom,
consciousness—without disrupting the balance of things.
Pull Adam aside. Tell him about responsibility
stop playing the blame game. It starts a whole world of lies.
Sit in for the sun—give it a resting chance for replenishment
tell the spirits about empathy; the ocean, of humility.
So, by the time Jack rests,
The sky has fallen!

But I still think Jack is a master.

A lesser being that, much too often,
plays God.

So, Jack is a Master. Master of one’s self.
A Master able to tend—although not seamlessly—to all trades.

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