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I Would Find That Bird

Daily writing prompt
What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.
Someone sitting on the edge of a rock with a sunset silhouette
Photo by RITESH SINGH – Pexels

As a kid, I was always amazed by the sky. I still am. Short of scientists, I don’t think humans spend enough time being fascinated by the sky. The sky is our only evidence of forever. Doesn’t that feel so unreal? It’s the only thing that is present everywhere that you go on Earth.

Growing up, I used to stand on the balcony of my house every night and get lost in wonder, staring at the sky. It’s incredible! I also grew up in Haiti, so that might have had a huge impact on that.

There were no skyscrapers where I grew up. The tallest thing one could see were the mountains, and no human ever dared to challenge the mountains on their altitude and their reign of the sky. That was good because I could look into forever, every day.

Knowing this, you may now start to understand why I’ve always envied birds. I know birds have inspired airplanes, helicopters or maybe even spaceships, but I still feel like we don’t speak enough about how some creatures can elongate a part of their body and then start to navigate on…nothing. At least nothing that is visible to the eye.

I’m in my late twenties now. Every so often, I stop to watch a bird take flight. While watching, I always ask myself or the third person, “can you believe birds can just open their wings and…fly??!!”

I get it, different species were created with their unique abilities, but FLYINGGGG???!! Even living/breathing under water does not impress me enough. I see a fish and I almost want to tell it to move aside, “I can do that too!” Maybe that is because I can actually be a fish to an extent. I can swim and I can hold my breath for a long time. Of course, I can’t do it as well as a fish can but I can do it well enough to make a point.


The best I can do is to jump, but that doesn’t get anyone to anywhere. As for wings, the best that I have are a pair of arms that are useless at the face of flight. I couldn’t even challenge a bird without the aid of some overwhelming machinery. The bird would see me trying – making a fool of myself – then it would poop on my head and fly away. I would never be able to catch it to get my payback.

If I could attempt anything with the guarantee of success, I would step off the edge of the roof. I would feel the wind, full force, blowing through my body – but I wouldn’t budge. I would just keep rising in divinity. I would consult the sky about its never-ending. Then I would become the first human with enough patience to counsel every inch of the sky until its rainy days are refreshing and sunny days are glorious. I would sleep on a cloud then taste it if it lets me. I would clear out the chemicals in the atmosphere that are blocking the signal from the celestials to the mortals. I would fly to where the rainbow ends. If there actually is gold there then many people will receive food, shelter and heat for as long as possible – free of charge. By the time they wake up to the blessing, I would be continents away–continuing my work.

Then, I would go find the bird that pooped on me.

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