Poetry by Charles Joseph

Finding My Nemo

Photo by Tony Wu – Pexels

When you decide to love another man
I want you to not forget:

Thank you for making me feel
The other side of love.

Thank you for Making me understand,
Riding horses on the back of the wind

Thank you for aiming at my heart
setting fireworks in the little fucker

Thank you for unchaining me,
let my heart fly, “you’re free.”

Thank you for making my mouth a gold mines
so now there’s treasure in everything I say

I want you to know you’re the reason the sun rises.
Although it sets, that’s okay.
I’d rather see you under the moon

Where I’d lay you down faster than soon
Brush my love in your body like that of a true Artist.
You’re a masterpiece in creation.

You saw art in my dark ink,
A sermon in my unspoken words
Rainbow, in my palette.

Before you love another man
I want you to know: it’s okay.
He can probably love you better than I ever did
He can probably place you on your rightful throne.
Even though you’d still look better next to me,
In a grass field,
Reading poetry to each other
making poetry with our body.

Dancing ‘til the sun forfeits to the dark
Laughing ‘til the waves roar with heaven
Levitating ‘til the birds consider us
Whistling ‘til the wizards join us
“I love you, me Lady”

I want you to know:
You’ve done more than I’d ever hoped
You pulled me up, though I chose below
You forgave me, who was drowning in my sorrow

Thank you, for finding my nemo.

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