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  • Indie Girl

    I have a soft side for Indie Girls.Girls I’ll never get; girls there are no formulae to gettingI have an addiction with just spectating.Knowing I cannot do anything, but never testing that theory Sometimes I’d much rather lookwith a virgin mind filled with possibilities, fantasiesthan to trythen be left with a mind filled with regretsand…

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  • What was best

    Sounds can do a lot to the mind.having resided in the city for so long, i don’t knowwhat familiarity bird chirps bring me my memory transports me to days on the countrysideGrandpa’s house padded with a front yard, a back yarda yard on the side that extends, then extends to a gardena wooden port-a-potty that,…

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  • But, this is not goodbye

    Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said. Of course this is about a girl. I want to say that it was difficult to say goodbye to her but, when I think of it, I never said goodbye to her. She didn’t say goodbye to me either. But rehabilitating, and getting used to her no longer…

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  • Type Talk – Book reaction

    Read Type Talk by Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen to save your relationships and to save your marriage. One of the most uncomfortable things that this book opened up my eyes to is that everyone can be fit into a box. And this box is bound by 4 letters. That’s problematic to me because,…

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  • Ji kowosòl 🥛

    What is your favorite drink? I do not have a favorite drink, but I do have a favorite “type” of drink! My favorite types of drinks are the ones with milk as one of the main ingredients in them. I love the rich, dense texture and taste that milk gives to drinks. The drink, then,…

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