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  • Indie Girl

    I have a soft side for Indie Girls.Girls I’ll never get; girls there are no formulae to gettingI have an addiction with just spectating.Knowing I cannot do anything, but never testing that theory Sometimes I’d much rather lookwith a virgin mind filled with possibilities, fantasiesthan to trythen be left with a mind filled with regretsand…

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  • May I kiss you — Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

    A poem in Vietnamese by Lê Vĩnh TàiTranslator: Nguyễn Thị Phương TrâmArt: Đinh Trường Chinh I wanted to climb up, through your fireplace but, I was worried about getting burn from your mother’s fire I wanted to climb up the front ladder of your longhouse but, I was worried the bright light from your mother’s […]…

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  • Rush Hour

    Run aroundlook for knowledgelook for wisdom look for understanding:a slight lightbold enough to trespass the slitin your cracked-wooden floorbut too faint to shift your world. Run aroundlook for lifelook for saving look for the heroic in you;reactions turned to rescuepush and pull a prey from the headlights—saving your enemy. Run aroundlook for peacelook for breath…

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  • Love, a Rubik’s Cube

    Love is like a Rubik’s cubeso it never goes awaybut merely shifts in expression so let’s blend from Loverswe’re chameleons. different temperamentemitting an abnormal temperature, now let’s Love each other as friendsbut enemies share a Love too. so Loveflows with distaste like light within lava we’re rerouting our Love for anotherpurpose with plenty hesitanceeven with…

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  • My Life is my Message

    “My life is my message” – Mahatma Gandhi This is my first time seeing this quote. I love it because it fits-in perfectly with my beliefs. A lot of pressure is put on me, as a black male and young artist, to be SPECIFICALLY this and that for the sole purpose of influencing the communities…

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