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  • Midnight Library

    Boo meOr boo to you.A scare-tastic fanatic,Sometimes fantasticOthers, terror-ific. Results of a drain in my headMy brain eaten by confusion zombiesInstead.Due dates chasing me—I’m due for a date with the dead if I get out of line. Horrors I have brought upon myselfAre now awakened—all through this night.So I’ll remain. Focused as could beAs this…

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  • That look on your face

    I’ve seen that look before… you’ve fallen in love with me.

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  • Entrapped by the Trap

    – Boys are littered, sagging ‘round the blockslugging by likethere’s no destination in mindlive in the present and make it gleamnew shoes, new ride, new racks – stuck to BoysBoys stuck to blingingBoys stuck in the trap;Boys trapped in the trap—but Boys trapped in the trap so fuck it!fuck possibilities of making it out hereclean…

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  • Kisa K Te Pi Miyò

    — Son ka fè anpil pou sèvèl la. Aprè m fin viv nan vil la pou tout tan sa a, m pa konnen Ki familyarite gazouyaj zwazo pote mwen – Memwa m transpòte m al nan jou andeyò yo Kay granpè matlasye av on lakou devan, on lakou dèyè On lakou akote ki elonje, epi…

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  • Birthday Gifts 🎁

    — In my recent post about my birthday, I mentioned that some years I give myself a gift for my birthday. This year, I gifted myself with three music albums that are incredibly meaningful to me: DAMN by Kendrick Lamar, Blakawout by Mizik Mizik, and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming by M83. — DAMN: One of the things that I love the most about Kendrick…

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