Charles “Sircharlesthepoet” Joseph is a creative born in Haiti. At 11 years old, Sir Charles discovered America—more specifically, he discovered a beautiful jewelry box named Brooklyn. Soon after his discovery of the 50 States, at the age of 12, Sir Charles started writing.

Sir Charles is a rebel. In 2022, he threw all of his parents’ dreams away by quitting his full-time, medical-field job to travel the world while working small jobs that pay him peanuts and a lifetime of experiences. Inspiration comes from anywhere for the Sir. Writing is usually poetry but it’s also prose, opinion pieces, a story, nostalgia, or whatever comes out of that questionable mind of his. Sir Charles has self-published several poetry books of topics ranging from his heart-wrenching history with romance to his experience switching his major while in University. These books are not currently being sold anywhere (yet), but if you would like to purchase any of them, you can make a request via email at sircharlesthepoet@gmail.com.

Sir Charles’ favorite pastime is serving people. He loves to put a smile in someone’s heart. Through how he lives, and in all that he does—whether at his workplace, in his personal life or through the literature he publishes online—Sir Charles strives to help lessen someone’s burden. Every little thing he does is a fight—it’s a revolution against the oppressive institutions that be. One day, Sir Charles hopes to be free.


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