Poetry by Charles Joseph

These City Boys

Sometime, down the road in your life,
You’re going to meet another guy
A City Boy.
Then you’ll remember:

These City Boys!
They always tend to their phones
Face planted inside the screen
Like caring for a baby that screams
Asking for an endless attention

These City Boys!
They are never doing
“One thing”
Their full attention is never present.
It’s texting while “paying attention”
Working while watching a movie
Listening to music while…Just living!
So the radio in their head
Never. Turns. Off.

These City Boys!
Never have they never ever
Not take a breath at the stars.
They’re used to big lights on poles
On all streets.
As soon as the timing hand strikes six
There is no such thing as late night walk
Through sticks.
Have they ever tuned to the melodies
Of crickets before?

These City Boys!
So busy staying connected
That they all are wireless:
It’s Snapchat this
Facebook that,
Instagram now
Make time to tweet later
As heartfelt connections disappear further

These City Boys!
Would they please listen!
Lacking the most basic skills to navigate
A fluid conversation
Flowing observation
To what the partner might have truly mentioned

These City Boys!
Their sight of trees resides in public parks
That are rarely clean.
It’s only buildings here
Towers there
Skyscrapers everywhere!
So chins are raised to the heavens in awe
As the environment becomes non-existent

These City Boys.
They’re so Conserved…
But the ones who are free, damn are they infectious?!
A personality so contagious:
Like Gold dripping out of the mouth
Of a triumphant Elephant wearing the Divine crown.
Their freedom is treasure
Not of this world.
They are struck by that peaceful joy
And, it’s as if you were witnessing
The skyline of a million stars in your eyes

Except, it’s not stars.
It’s the City Lights.

IG: @Sircharlesthepoet

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