A Poem About the New Month

The sun is up:
New messages
New light
It’s a new day to stand up
Continue making our way to the sky;
Following clouds.

It’s a somber morning.
The world is at peace,
Tears and regrets coming like suspenseful movies
Life, nowadays, is a suspenseful movie.
Lack of action
Lots of thinking
Lots of reflecting
So much learning.

The birds are singing.
Welcoming this new blessing
Grass Grows with Dew Droplets
And the sun has renewed its light.

A love and forgiveness too grand
To be captured within a story:
The sun lending us his light; chasing the darkness on our path
Although we pollute his face every day
Smoke his kingdom in the name of progress
Dirty & Destroy its footstool, like it is ours.

This love grows nature and nourishes life.

It’s a new morning;
A new day.
It’s a new month.
Chances are in abundance
Forgiveness is of low expense.


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