Destiny Remains

In a land full of chameleons  
Will you stay true to your color? 
Release your own vibrations
Turn your head, follow your path
Quiet your mind, follow your heart
Are you willing to repeat the art?
But flick your brush slightly
Give your stroke a different meaning
Like the one on the ceiling? 
In a world filled with anchors to drown you
Close ties to friends and family restraining your will
Will your adventurous mind be bold?
When success is whispered in the dead wind of the night
And failures echoing from mountaintops, on the back of eagles
Where do we find courage?  
How does a spark burst into a blaze of glory?
Such story, the sun seldom tells.
As the goal approaches clarity, the path pursues alignment.
But as your path reaches alignment,
Comrades stray with the world
Into the woods; the gleaming fields of proven promises and fortune-telling.
So, are you lost?
Or have you found a calling among responses gone astray?
Have you found your way? When all around are losing theirs?
Hold on to your glimpse of light 
Strive with every effort.
Cause realities might change, but your Destiny Remains.


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