Poetry by Charles Joseph

Finding Home

Very often, home is within these walls
A place of captivity
A prison. Even when you’re free.
But I’ve made homes outside the world
Some, I carry no word nor trace to relive the place
Some, I’ve started tsunamis, raging in lullabies that’ll echo my name
Till the end of earth.
I made a home when it was taken from me—
A place to be-long
Safe, open and delicious.
Right here. Inside of me.


Send your blessings, payers, good wishes or anything uplifting to the people who are quarantined with somebody who they don’t really get along with. Some of these people are kids stuck at home with poisonous parents because they don’t have the escape of school. Some of them are couples having to stay at home with an abusive partner. Others are people who constantly have to face anxiety, worry or discomfort due to who they’re stuck with or due to some things that they’ve experienced in the past.
The ability to be by yourself is important, but not everyone can afford that. Being able to disconnect from a fast paced life is great but, for some others, that means being stuck with their demons–and that’s never an easy fight.
On another topic, I wanted to address this “home” idea. I moved around a few times, as a kid–both from house to house and from family to family–so this idea of “home” has always been interesting to me. “Home is where you belong” but I don’t belong anywhere, so what do I do? Do I have no home? Is this concept of “home” only for those who are privileged enough?
I’ve realized that “home” doesn’t have to be a physical place at a specific address. Home can be being around some people. Home can be multiple places around the world where you’ve found acceptance. Home can be wherever you’ve left a piece of yourself, and it was loved. Home can be you. Home can be within your own headspace. That way, wherever you are, you feel at home :).

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