Destinations And Journeys

I wonder, if the stars ever blank their lights
Jealous at sights of the moon.
I wonder, if the moon ever decides
“I’m tired.
And I should be”
So it silently rests its head
In the arms of the ocean that can’t ever be lost.

I wonder, if the moon ever overslept?

So we know that: sometimes
It is okay to no longer be strong
It is okay to drench in your weakness.
Take the time to analyze,
Fantasize with the mental eyes
Has your light grow dim
Has your glory descend

I wonder, if the sun
Ever decided to unstrap its running shoes
And stop chasing the moon.
Feel the magic of the ocean,
That these Homo sapiens go to…to get more intimate.

I wonder, if the sun ever self-bathe?

Maybe then
I could finally calm cool collectedly catch up to it, to ask:
What are your sentiments?
Each time you realize that you live by day, dancing in your light
When your dreams are creatures of the night?
What are your sentiments when—
Have you ever noticed that you’re chasing without sight?

To think you’ve found victory, when truthfully
You’re drowning in your foolery
Your trickery

I would like to ask the sun
Have you ever thought: you were happy.
But you’ve actually tripped into your own cunning sea?
The society pulling you left
As your personality tells you it’s right.

I wonder, what choice
The moon is to forever lament over
By living in darkness for the rest of its days?
I wonder if the moon will ever notice that
It should stop crying,
The waves wants to embrace it
The Homo sapiens needs it to make love;
Feel alive

I would like to,
Before I die,
Fetch a cup of sunshine
And carefully whisper in its ears
“Don’t be saddened.”
The road changes, and clouds might be at high chances
But stars are looking back, smiling
To paint your path.
You might feel lost—
Your journey;
A cake of pointless decisions
Iced by confusion

But can’t you see?
The tough road is not a place of milk and honey because
It’s celestial.
Only those with the spirit of gods
Can settle there. Cheers~


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