Poetry by Charles Joseph

Lamp’s Glass

To: Tati Vèlanp 💕

the sharp edges hurt like a flower’s petal
the texture receives grief like a cloud’s golden smile

if I fall in grace forever, eventually I’ll reach hell
so I remain
in confort. Soundless movements of my body
obedience to my wishes, without complaint

so I ask how?
but acceptance is not a choice
it’s a decision made after a day of heavy burdens
even when surrendering all the weight is done relentlessly
unaware of the permanent pain, poison, pressure caused
even when it has to bend unusually for your confort

love is only an idea for the amateur, and the cowards who overthink
the purest form is “what else is there to do?” but embrace—
let me lay my heavy head of a day’s frustrations
somehow, turn density into dispersion, dissipation.

the nights are frustrating.
they leave you in the morning, with creases to flatten
for you to accept a bird’s song that is already rejected
so you might as well choose to live in hell.
so long as the fire shine for my confort
what else is there to do?


She’s the light of my life! <3

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