Tell me a story.
Matter fact,
Tell me a joke.
Tell me about how you spend more time collecting
Dad jokes
As opposed to doing your school work
Tell me why pain makes you laugh
Right before you yell “yooo that’s fucked up! Oh my Goddd!!
I’m definitely going to hell for laughing at this”
Tell me the story of that one time you did that one thing
So ridiculous,
That you fell, got injured,
Yet you proved that laughter is still the best medicine

It’s been kind of bland around here,
So spark the dark; spark the talk.
Tell me how you walk with a spark
And the reason? Well, this world is simply too dark
Tell me how you walk that walk,
You talk that talk. And it’s all good when you in the hood
How you belong on a stage, next to Eddie Murphy
But I guess, for now, we’re gonna keep your jokes to the back of the classroom
I need a funny story!
I wanna know why
That rooster was chasing your long legged aunty, in the yard
Tell me how
She ended up running all throughout town with a broken sandal even after the rooster flew away
Tell me how is it that roosters fly in your stories!

David was able to beat the goliath, blah blah blah
We’ve heard that story too much
This world is rather sad, and my poetry is not doing it any longer
So tell me, if it’s no bother
This time, let us try humor
I actually carry with me a folder on my phone that is filled with dad jokes
One day, I hope to go to Las Vegas to pick up some fine honeys with them
But until then, imma practice on my co-workers who have no choice but to listen to me
As I laugh at my own jokes.
It’s been mighty serious around here
I need something to make my heart jump.
Jump start my heart.
So call this comedy.
Call this your stage.
Tell me something. Make me smile. 🙂


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