Poetry by Charles Joseph

Blue Star Blues ★★★★★

If you’ve ever had a serious conversation with me on the topic
Then you’d know I don’t want to get married.

But damn. There are some girls that I just
Want to have with me
Marry me.
Let’s face it all together.

As I go through her picture and
Intake everything about her.
Most people see pictures and think, “that’s attractive”
“that’s cool”; “eww”; “wtf”; “that’s hot”

But me, I see all the trauma that she has overcome
The manifestation of beauty she’d made sure to become
The light, art, joy and glory that’s to come.

So I tap
Tap, and tap.

Hearing my heart, as it tells me that
It would give up anything to be with you.
We are ready to give up everything
For you to call us yours; call this dream ours.

And that’s dangerous. It always is.
You look like a girl I’d give up everything for
Just for you to be mine.
For you to be mine.
For you to be mine.
“Love” creates this false perception that people
Can be—become your property.
And we’ve all owned into it. So, I guess
That’s why
My past has been hectic, a drama and a lie

These thoughts go through my mind
As I tap
Tap, and tap.

(at this part, I was going to say who in this city
Let you walk through these streets on your own
Freedom. Unbounded.
But I know it’s not like that.
I know you’d be targeted by these catcallers
Chained to their porch, in front of their buildings.

Chained to nothing with worth)

So I intake the art. Masterpiece.
I inhale you with my soul
That has fled out of my body, into that screen
In a hopeless search.

And I know in the position that I am in
There’s no hope. No matter how much I search.
How much I crave. What (G)god I pray.
My blue star has been used
And I can’t risk an 11-hour wait,

So I tap
Tap, and tap

To the last picture.
Feeling mesmerized and elevated
With reluctant acceptance of being incapable;
Stories of defeat.

Knowing that all I can do,
In my power,
Is swipe right.

Yes, this poem is about tinder.

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10 responses to “Blue Star Blues ★★★★★”

  1. Nice king. As always. You book was amazing! Sell your next one.

    1. Haha! Thank you!!!! You’re making me so cheery!!!

      1. I’m glad to bring a smile to your face. That’s a great way to brighten someone’s day. Be well. And Happy New Year Charles.


          1. You are most welcome! Peace to you. Happy New Season!

  2. Hey can you like the post the one about Christmas

      1. Because I like what I see on your blog and it’s being nice so please just like one of my posts on my blog

        1. Oh okay! In that case I will. Give me a second 🙂

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