Poetry by Charles Joseph

When You Run Your Life to Ruins

Inspired by: “The Ballad Of Cleopatra” by The Lumineers

Which choice leads to permanent fulfillment?
Which to an eternal inferno?
Which single decision will destine my life to ruins?

I wonder if Abby ever went on that road trip?
If the unavoidable ever rolled out of her path?
Reveal a road to fantasy, though normality—
Bypass health complications, pauses on life, medical visits;
Beautiful boys with flowers in their mouths, poison in their hearts

Perhaps Artiana has kids by now
By now, she’s probably risen a chateau of plants.
A forest in her backyard. A garden in her front lawn
Though you wouldn’t recognize the difference between the three

Very often, I wonder which motion will adjust the course of my life towards destruction
Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve already made that choice?
If my life sometimes feels like a déjà vu because in the last second between life and death,
You relive your life.

A part of me knows I’ve written this poem before. So I’ve always wondered
The story is usually written after it all has concluded
But what does it mean if I am sitting here, amidst the chaos
Scripting the events surrounding me?

So, is it true, then?
I’ve already walked the path of life, but it led to its own destruction?
But what was that Ultimate choice?

Life is a yarn of choices, a pile of possibilities, an Olympic “What If?”
But nothing saves you from the choice that runs you to ruins

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