Poetry by Charles Joseph

The Walk Home

home is a place in the distance that always felt near
an echo in the hills rebounding in my ears
it’s a darkness that i keep returning towards
a blind horse confident in its goal
i’ve been chasing
you’ve been chasing through the years
for a place to belong
ever since we started to walk their path
we’ve been getting farther from proper sense
“look to those around and be in common”
but next i know, i’m losing my common sense
their 2 cents is payment to straighten my life’s journey
but walking their path is stripping me of all my expense
their wisdom is currency, so i give pennies for their thoughts
but now i don’t have a dollar to my name.
this is cents-less so i’m walking my own path
and you should too! because home is a place
in the distance that always felt near
we criticize other’s paths and methods
but we are all doing the same thing
chasing sun rises until our sun sets
dancing along our vibration and resonance
digging through the unthinkable for something
one simple thing that is already in our belonging
although still needs to be found
no matter how far it strays
no matter how deep it lies
even if it doesn’t make any sense
because home is a place in the distance
but each time i chase it always feels near
can’t you hear it?
an echo out in the hills
telling me that i belong
rebounding in my ears

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7 responses to “The Walk Home”

  1. Powerful poem

  2. I hear it.

    1. Thank you for listening to it 🙏🏾✨

  3. I just came back from a trip to my hometown so this really resonated with me ❤️

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing that with me! How was the trip?

  4. Sorry for the late reply- It was hard… my last post tells some of it. Aging parents are tough on the heart (I’m old😉)

    1. I’ll check out your last post!

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