Poetry by Charles Joseph

I’m Only 25, and

I still think I can conquer the world

the world has told me I will lose it all;
my flare will meet cold water
my spark will short-circuit
my energy will emit smoke

they say I’m only 25

so I am a child and I don’t know
the desire to live while your closest companion pleads,
“yes that is a very wise decision, but…”
I will not be saying the same in my 30s

I’m only 25 and I think I’m behind

but those marks stretch to tell me this is the perfect time to do what I’m doing
a few decades ahead have told me they recently stepped into my shoes
the looks in their eyes envy my idea; the risks I took
how did you know to do that; at this perfect time; at this age?

I’m only 25, and the world is surprised that I will conquer it.

Enjoy this picture of me at Jewel during my trip to SINGPORE last week!

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