Poetry by Charles Joseph

Curse of Evolution

La Catedral – Bogotá, Colombia

a tic and a breath, the blur of life
all the in-betweens, a life to live

a machine rotating around itself

a tic and a breath, the blur of life
a light and a moment, an arrival of death.

So it is said that darkness holds
the wisdom society wages wars over
the silence intrigues the most restful

a wind in the sand, the dance of a branch
a man walks pointedly, with knowledge
of knowing none there is to be known

is it not a curse?
Damnation to ongoing dedication

when are you free from purpose?
When do you escape ideas of commitment?

Death. To cure the virus cursed with evolution;
A colony at the height of Babel

it is said true evil never goes away
simply shifts to a different belief
keep the shape; rewrite the narrative
continue the effect; change the delivery

knowledge is the most innocent among all entities
the greatest warning is to those cursed with forever
seeking it

the eternal punishment is not an act
but passion; a constant yearning. More

an addiction to what can be greater
the acquisition of improvement is always

at the cost of sufferance, to someone else
at the cost of the self, evolving

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2 responses to “Curse of Evolution”

  1. Great poem, Charles. Rings similar to Stephen Jay Gould’s work on evolution as well Daniel Milo’s book Good Enough.

    1. oohhh I looked into Stephen Gould’s work, and wow I can see the similarity to my poem. Haha I came up with the idea for the poem on my own. It’s incredible that nothing really is new under the sun

      And also *SIR Charles 😉

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