To Catch Victory

Look even when you can’t see,
Search even when you can’t find,
Follow the path even when you are blind.

Search for a sign
Don’t you waste any time on a dine

Don’t you rest
This is a test

If you fall asleep,
Who’ll find you when you start to wander in your dreams like a lost sheep?

We do have our needs
So take advantage of the coming harvest and prepare your seeds

Take your chance
And don’t lose hope when you see the tall fence

Don’t deal in hate
Instead, focus on the value of having others in your team. They’re your mate.

And so you’ll realize you have enough power to change the climate,
And in your hands, the power to change another’s fate.

Don’t deal in strife
But learn the lessons in life

Life will brutally hurt you
Especially when all your actions start to be truthful

You will want to cry,
But, just deal for a while

You have to take the next step,
Because, at the end of the day even Jesus wept

Copyright © 2015 by Charles Joseph Augustin

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