Were You Meant To Labor Until You Die?

I don’t believe that I, or anyone, is meant to wake up and labor from sun up to sun down in order to live a life where I can STRIVE to be happy. It doesn’t even make sense. So you’re telling me that in order to be happy and free, I have to wake up every day then work hard, suffer, give my soul, time, energy and creativity to some company or person in order to one day be free from that contract, and finally enjoy the fruits of my labor?? But how will I ever be permanently happy and free if, every day, I have to work an undesired job at an undesired time in an undesired pace for undesired results? When does the contract end so that I could finally be infinitely happy? Do I one day retire? When? After all of my good and strongest years are spent working tirelessly for a greater part of my waking hours?

Do you see the irony? Exactly. It’s all bullshit! One day, I want to take a year-long vacation/escape to live life as close to what I believe I am meant to (we all are meant to) live it as: spending time with people, laughing, visiting places, meeting new people, spend weeks lounging around, watching movies, enjoying the pleasures of life (simple pleasures or spiritual or bold or expensive or lavish pleasures), have lots of safe, enjoyable and liberating sex, enjoy nature, enjoy the nicer things in existence that humans have come together and created, do whatever pleasurable or fulfilling activities that I can think of or that I learn about in my journey. I want to do anything except for go into a workplace to labor for someone, something, in order to maintain the simplest style of living because that’s bullshit, and unethical. I’m damn sure that’s not what humans were created to do. We were put on a planet that has a wealth of everything that we can ever need FOR FREE AND IN ABUNDANCE but somehow we came together and decided that it is best to detrimentally work for any of it? That’s absurd! My life’s goal is to escape that.

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